I am William Gonzalez.  Professionally, I am a talented multi-media designer and well versed in all of the Adobe Suite of Programs, such as Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Sketchup.

I am bilingual speaking Spanish and English. 

I obtained my degree in graphic design and multi-media creation in San Salvador, El Salvador. After completing my studies, I worked with a design company where I created 3D mockups for various new product launches.

I have been fortunate to work on projects with some of the most creative companies in the world including brands like: Unilever, Disney, Telus, and Movistar Cellular.

I was then chosen over hundreds of applicants to work with one of the largest retail companies in Central America, PriceSmart (PriceSmart is the Costco of Central America with warehouse stores in 13 countries).

With PriceSmart I worked with the marketing team and designed graphics, multi-media animations, and videos for social media and e-commerce. When a new warehouse opened I traveled with the VP of Marketing and Design to set up the video production and live streaming of the grand opening ceremonies.

Since moving to the United States, living first in the Phoenix, AZ area and now Oklahoma City, OK I have specialized in helping smaller businesses design their logo’s and create their marketing materials to reach a multicultural audience.


Company Identity
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Professional Photography
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Video Creation for Social Media
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Let’s make something amazing together


San Francisco, CA


(255) 352-6258